Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Date: 18th March - 31st March 2012

COSRE program 2012

IP coordinator: Faculty of Business and Economics MENDELU




Member institutions: 

Klaipeda Business School, Lithuania
Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen, Belgium
University College South Denmark, Denmark
University of Alicante, Spain


read here                                                                                      read here, pg. 30 - 32

Oficial poster of IP COSRE is available here.                  IP COSRE na facebooku


The aim of this program is to improve the professional skills and competences of the students of Social work program, Human resource management, Business Management, International Business and Public Administration on the implementation and development of the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility within European context.


The objectives of the IP:

1.       To equip the students with the theoretical knowledge on the social responsibility, social economy, public-private and other strategic partnerships to achieve social responsibilities (new ventures) and the relationship between sustainability and social responsibility.

2.       To improve the students' skills related to practical application of social responsibility on a case study.

3.       To improve the management and entrepreneurial competences of the students with regard to social economy.

4.       To make the students acquainted with the best practice of social responsibility, social economy and public-private partnership in project partner countries.

5.       To encourage students to work in intercultural teams and benefit from different student's expertise in various multidisciplinary fields and hence improve their lifelong learning and professionalization.

6.       To expand employment opportunities for inclusion of the students in the field of corporate social responsibility and social economy.

7.       Using Active Learning as didactical approach.