Location: Seia, Portugal
Date: 14th April - 27th April 2013
Participants from Faculty of Business and Economics MENDELU:
7 students and 1 teacher




Other member institutions:


Klaipeda Business School (Klaipeda, Lithuania) - IP coordinator


Adnan Menderes University (Kusadasi, Turkey)


Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku, Finland)


Thomas More Kempen (Geel, Belgium)


Polytechnic Institute of Guarda (Seia, Portugal)


EDUTUS Főiskola (Budapest, Hungary)






Florida Unversitária (Valencia, Spain)


The aim of this program is to improve the professional skills and competences of the students of Business, Tourism and Logistics-related study programmes on the implementation and development of the principles of sustainable cruise tourism within a European context.


The objectives of the IP:
1. to equip the students with the theoretical knowledge on tourism sustainability;
2. to improve the students' skills on the planning and image formation of sustainable cruise tourism;
3. to improve the logistic competences of the students with regard to cruise tourism;
4. to make the students acquainted with the best practice of heritage tourism and rational usage of resources;
5. to make the students recognize core cruise tourism products.