Možnosti stáží pro absolventy!

3. 7. 2018 -

 Nabídka stáží (plat EUR 983.71/měs.) v BEREC Office se sídlem v Rize a nabídka 25ti stáží (plat 1100 eur/měs.) v European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)



I would like to inform you that the BEREC Office – EU Agency based in Riga, has launched its Permanent Traineeship Call for the following profiles: 
·         Communication
·         Programme Management
·         Human Resources
·         ICT and Logistics
·         Legal and procurement
·         Policies and administration
There is no closing date for applications, however the agency advice candidates to bear in mind that each year after 30th July, the received applications are checked towards the eligibility criteria. The traineeship period is six months, renewable once for a total period of maximum twelve months. The trainees are entitled to a monthly grant, which for this year’s Traineeship Programme has been determined to EUR 983.71. More information about the conditions of the programme is available at the following link: 
The Traineeship Programme is an excellent opportunity for young graduates to contribute to the work of EU institutions and benefit from a first work experience. The BEREC Office as an Agency of the EU is committed to secure the services of staff at the highest standard of independence, ability, efficiency and integrity, recruited on the broadest possible geographical basis from among nations of the EU Member States. 
In order to ensure that the trainees of the BEREC Office are recruited on the broadest possible geographical basis from among nations of Member States, the BEREC Office would like to ask your kind assistance for dissemination of information about the Traineeship Programme at national level and encourage your nationals to apply for a traineeship with us. 
More detailed information on working with the BEREC Office can be found following the link: 




We are pleased to inform you that the European Aviation Safety Agency has published 25 new traineeship notices accessible on the EASA website - . 

Application deadline - 10/7/2018!

Do not hesitate to apply.