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Science and Research


The Faculty of Business and Economics has long focused on targeted support for science and research, academics including the active involvement of talented students to work on specific research tasks in all types of study. The faculty cooperates with foreign institutions, examples include an Austrian institution headquartered in Vienna, the Austrian Institute of Economic Research and the German institution Halle Institute for Economic Research.

The priority of the faculty is the maximum support of research activities from external, mostly foreign resources, which involves high demands on the quality of current research topics and the current published results. Thanks to a targeted strategy to support solutions to high-quality research topics the faculty is currently involved in the projects financed under the European research programmes such as Horizon 2020, 7th Framework Programme, COST, Erasmus +, Visegrad Fund and others.

An important strategic element is the institutional support for research activities, especially young academics, PhD students and talented students carried out within the announced programme schemes of Internal Grant Agency of the faculty.