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On this website you can find information for students coming to study at Mendel University for 1 - 2 semesters (Erasmus+ programme, Bilateral agreements). 

Before mobility - During mobility (Changes to LA, Extesion of study stay) - Before departure - Maps - Contact





Selection procedure at home university - Nomination to Mendel University - Submit  Application, Learning Agreement and necessary information - Acceptance to Mendel University

Before arrival, for all administration (visa, accommodation, welcome week) please contact International Relations Office of Mendel University (incoming@mendelu.cz).


Courses taught in English at Faculty of Business and Economics 

Courses taught in English at other faculties

Academic calendar

Erasmus Guide

ISC club








Informational e-mail - before start of the teaching period informational e-mail is sent to incoming exchange students.

Informational meeting for newly arrived incoming students (for wintewr semester 2018/2019)
-          11th September 2018 (12am-2pm), room Q 16, 1st floor, building Q






Upon arrival, each student receives access data to UIS. In case you lost it, it can be obtained at faculty International Relations Office (FBE IRO). 

Students are required to log on to UIS and check the courses they were enrolled to based on their Learning agreements!



English language course – OKAJA Language in Business (2 ECTS) - available only in SUMMER semester at Faculty of Business and Economics (not for English native speakers)

Czech language course (2 ECTS) - contact Ms. Petra Zbránková (incoming@mendelu.cz)

Other language courses are available at Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies (contact Ms. Hana Kališová, hana.kalisova@mendelu.cz)



Exchange students may enroll for up to 2 sports for free.

There is a fee of 420 CZK for every extra sport!!!

The language of instruction is Czech language. Information on courses is available only in the Czech language.

-       students enrolled for more than 2 sports will receive e-mail with details on payment (available only in Czech language). Payments to Ms. Zuzana Podnecká during office hours at CSA Jana Babáka 1861/5, Brno.

Enrol in UIS during (7. 9. 2018 - 16. 9. 2018, changes until 6.10.2018)

-       choose exact time when you want to participate, only once a week

-       fitness, bodybuilding, cardiofitness and table tennis – can be attended more than once a week

 Sport activities you do not want to participate in MUST be removed from UIS by 6.10. 2018 otherwise you will be charged. See IRO for assistance. Later cancellations are not possible.


Sport activities run from 24.9. 2018



Most courses consist of lecture (teaching) and a seminar (practice). During first classes teacher usually explains the requirements of the course. For some courses, attendance or participation in projects is taken into account for final evaluation. Students are responsible to find out requirements of each course they are enrolled to. They have to choose suitable courses to avoid timetable conflicts. 

In the UIS there is a section "My studies" - Student's portal - Registration/Enrollment where you can maintain the courses you were enrolled to. Below the list of courses  is a "List of Errors" with a green or red dot ("State") next to the course name. Requirements for follow-ups/other errors DO NOT APPLY TO EXCHANGE STUDENTS. Students are able to maintain only the courses with green dots. For maintenance of courses with red dots please come to FBE IRO. 

Courses taught in English at Faculty of Business and Economics 

Courses taught in English at other faculties


Timetable for courses taught in winter semester 2018/2019: excel - pdf 

path: http://is.mendelu.cz/en Study information - Timetables - Faculty of Business and Economics -  "tick" Anglická výuka WS 2018/2019 - Select ticked timetables - Choose "Format" - Display



If necessary, it is possible to change courses in LA. Courses are added/deleted in UIS and must be always approved by both FBE and home university using the form Changes to Learning Agreement.

Please contact FBE IRO if you want to make changes. Students can alter the courses in UIS by themselves only during first 2 weeks.

If your home university requires their own forms, please submit them as well. Students are required to forward Changes to LA signed by both universities to Inernational Relations Offices at receiving and sending university!

The deadline for submitting Changes is 24th October 2018. Due to the limited capacity in the courses it is strongly recomended to make changes within 1-2 weeks from the start of the semester (24.9.2018).

Forms - Erasmus+

Forms - Bilateral Agreements



-          possible only during winter semester.

-          submit application for extension with new LA/Changes to LA to faculty IRO by the end of November.

Forms - Erasmus+ 

Forms - Bilateral Agreements





Only students enrolled for the course in the UIS are allowed to register for exams. The terms of exams are provided by the teacher.



All leaving documents (Transcript of records, Confirmation of study period) are issued by MENDELU IRO (incoming@mendelu.cz).



International Relations Office (Q 1.92) – Faculty of Business and Economics

Map of the Campus

Map of the Campus including FRDIS

How to get to Brno from the airport /how to get to JAK dormitory






Faculty of Business and Economics / Provozne-ekonomicka fakulta

Mendel University in Brno / Mendelova univerzita v Brne

Zemedelska 1

Brno 613 00

Czech Republic


International Relations Office - Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE IRO)

e-mail: foreign@pef.mendelu.cz

Office: Q 1.92

Office hours: Mo 9-12, Wed 10-12 & 13-14, Thu 9-12


Irena Doubková

+420 545 132 799


Eva Kytlicová

+420 545 132 725