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General information

The Faculty of Business and Economics offers three accredited PhD study programmes

PhD study programmes are at the very top of university education programmes and students can reach this level only after achieving Bachelor's and Master's degree. PhD study programmes are open to holders of a Master's degree in corresponding subject areas who are interested in scientific work in a research-oriented environment. The standard duration of PhD study programmes at FBE MENDELU is three years.

The main objective of the PhD study is to prepare students for scientific work. This is achieved by providing students with specialized training in a relatively narrow field, focused on the student's creative and research activities. Study contents are based on an individual study plan which is developed by the student and his tutor at the very beginning of the study. In the first two years of PhD study students take exams, but must also work on their PhD theses and publish their first scientific papers. The third year of study is usually devoted only to work on the thesis. After a successful defence of the thesis the student is awarded the PhD degree.

The degree can be taken in a full-time or a part-time form. Students in full-time study form attend the University regularly. Apart from meeting the requirements stated by the study plan students also work as teachers. Students in the part-time form of study do not have to attend the University regularly but they have to attend consultations and take part in other events related to fulfilling their study plan according to the guidelines set by the tutor.