Stáž ve firmě Crafton

21. 10. 2019 -

Chceš žít 2 měsíce v zahraničí?


Firma Crafton nabízí dvouměsíční stáž. Podrobné informace naleznete zde.


We are looking for ambitious, eager to research or work on business fields, hardcore-visionaries who are not afraid to make mistakes and acknowledge them. We want interns who not only want to gain office-work experience but also develop their communicative skills and be better individuals. Our interns (You) will be working in teams on

  • Marketing projects, Social media management, LinkedIn campaigns and Video marketing
  • Sales projects, new business activities, finding new clients, managing partners. analysing new markets


What do we offer?

  • Opportunity to gain real-life experience in international business markets.
  • Outside the classroom, practical usages of designing, marketing and sales’ skills.
  • Possibility of development and promotion.
  • Bright, warm and friendly atmosphere, where great people work together every day.
  • A recommendation was written by the company's president.