Ashish´s story

11. 7. 2019 -


Hello, I am Ashish from New Delhi, India.  After working as software developer for 5 years in an MNC in India i decided that i need to enhance my skills and learn more. I started my search to find the university which offers Masters in Computer Science or Informatics in Europe for the pure reason that it has lot of opportunities for research, if you want to continue with PhD.

I moved to Czech Republic in February 2018 to study for my master’s degree in Informatics at Mendel University in Brno. Previously, I had completed my Bachelors in Computer Application at the Manipal University, India.
I was happy to study at Mendel University as i knew who Gregor Mendel was, The Father of Genetics. It was a proud feeling to clear the entrance exam and get the acceptance letter.


I think one has to come and experience themself but i can recommend to study at Mendel to LEARN, GROW, DREAM and EXPLORE and last but not least, have FUN!



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