GLACIP (= German Language and Culture Immersion Program)

18. 7. 2019 -

German Language and Culture Immersion Program


GLACIP (= German Language and Culture Immersion Program)


Applications are now open for a program which might be interesting for those of your students who want to get the unique opportunity to come to Germany and learn German:
The GLACIP (= German Language and Culture Immersion Program)  welcomes international students to beautiful Bad Mergentheim!
It consists of 3 modules of intensive German language classes.

In 2020, the program dates are as follows:
Start of the program   Tuesday, 07 January
End of the program    Friday, 27 March

As you can see, the program is structured the same way our International Programs are (which most of you probably already know). That means, the program length is 3 months, there is an orientation at the beginning of the program, and several activities/excursions are offered throughout the term.

The GLACIP is offered on our campus in Bad Mergentheim.

So your students might also decide to stay even longer: GLACIP from January to March, plus IPB (= International Program in Business) from April to June.  Alternatively, GLACIP participants might also choose to change the campus, from Bad Mergentheim to Mosbach, where they could take the IPE (= International Program in Engineering) from April to June.
Depending on the applicants’ previous German language knowledge, the course will be offered on beginners’ and/or advanced level.

If some of your students are interested in applying, please see the following GLACIP deadlines:
Nomination deadline   15 September
Application deadline   30 September

Further information on the above-mentioned International Programs can be found online:


For general information on application, housing, etc., please refer to