2nd call for applications for study stays and internship within ERASMUS+ or BILATERAL AGREEMENTS

18. 9. 2019 -

International Relations Office MENDELU  announces  the 2nd call for applications for Student Mobility for Study and Student Mobility for Placement (Traineeships) within Erasmus+ programme and within bilateral agreements for academic year 2019/2020.  


You can apply from 2nd  September to 27th September 2019.

The written language test will take place in the week of 7. - 11. October 2019.

The results will be announced on 21th October 2019.


Please note that Acceptance Letter should be included when applying for Student Mobility for Placement (Traineeships):




For more information see following links:


FBE : https://www.pef.mendelu.cz/en/degree-students/29926-mobility-programmes


http://www.iro.mendelu.cz/outgoing-students/exchange-students/27715-erasmus (Student Mobility for Study)

http://www.iro.mendelu.cz/outgoing-students/internship-placements/28227-erasmus (Student Mobility for Placement)

http://www.iro.mendelu.cz/outgoing-students/exchange-students/30058-erasmus-credit-mobility(Credit Mobility)

http://www.iro.mendelu.cz/outgoing-students/exchange-students/27716-bilateral-agreements(Bilateral Agreements)