Economics and Management - bachelor degree


Graduates will have developed a general overview of Economics and Company Management and also specific managerial and economic competencies to ensure individual activities in the fields of business, production, financing and human resources. Graduates will obtain knowledge of economic theory, management and marketing, finance, accouting and taxation, quantitative methods, IT and communication technologies etc. Graduates will be ready for independent and team work, they will have knowledge of quantitative methods to support their decisions, and basic statistical methods to process economic data, and also skills for effective work using modern program equipment. Graduates will be able to use their knowledge of theory and model applications in the fields of Economics and Management to create solutions to decision making problems and organization of work in companies.

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Study programme   duration price per academic year
Economics and Management bachelor   3 years 41650 CZK  approximately 1600 EUR


 System Engineering and Informatics - bachelor degree (program opens from September 2019)


The objective of the studies is to provide students with basic theoretical knowledge of and practical skills in informatics, algorithm design, database systems, implementation of computer networks, operating systems, and analysis and design of information systems. The graduates have sufficient knowledge and skills for effective management of companies specializing in products and services within the tertiary sector of the national economy. They also have sufficient knowledge for an effective management of commercial activities in a company of any specialization. After finishing the required study plan the graduates are qualified for immediate employment in practice and prepared for continuing their studies in graduate programs.

Graduates from this program are qualified for working in enterprises oriented on development, purchase and selling of information systems and information technologies. They can use their experience also in specialized departments of manufacture-oriented and service-oriented organizations responsible for operation and development of their ICT and IS/ICT as administrators of software systems, database systems, web servers or enterprise computer networks or as an analyst and programmer. The studies enable also a qualified performance of economic and administrative tasks at the middle level of management.

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Study programme   duration price per academic year
System Engineering and Informatics bachelor   3 years 61 270 CZK  approximately 2 300 EUR


Finance - bachelor degree (program opens from September 2019)


Graduates will have developed professional knowledge in finance. Specifically in financial accounting, tax principles, tax records, company financing, financial market operations, financial market institutions and instruments and using financial instruments in business practice. Graduates will be able to apply relevant theory and methodology in practice. Graduates will be able to work for companies in their finance departments independently or as part of a team, they will be able to deal with tax issues, solve financial relationships with banks and other financial institutions. Finance graduates will have theoretical prerequisites to continue in their postgraduate study reading Finance at their "mother" faculty or some other faculty offering postgraduate courses in Finance at other universities.

The graduate is prepared for productive entities, non-profit and service organization or state authority unit to support and guarantee the financial related task including funding, accounting and taxation. They could work as specialists, team member, assistants to top managers or manager of lower levels of managerial structure. They can ensure the optimal financing, funding, optimalization of taxes, book-keeping using the modern approaches and technologies.

For more details about the study program Finance see here.

Study programme   duration price per academic year
Finance bachelor   3 years 41650 CZK  approximately 1600 EUR