Economics and Management


Graduates will gain a deep knowledge of Economics and Company Management, and specific managerial and economic competencies to ensure business operations, production management, financial management, strategic management and human resources management. Graduates will be ready for independent and team work, they will have advanced knowledge of decision support tools, statistical data analysis, modern information systems and economic program equipment. Graduates will be able to use general theoretical knowledge from the science fields of economics and managements to create new non-standard solutions to decision making problems and to make prognosis; graduates will have developed very good organisational skills, they will have very good communication skills both in Czech and English and their arguments and decisions will be based on good quality quantitative data

Please, find more detailed information about master study programme Economics and Management here.

Study programme   duration price per academic year
Economics and Management master 2 years 65 000 CZK  approximately 2 550 EUR


System Engineering and Informatics


Graduates during their studies receive wide and advanced application and creative knowledge of systems and software engineering, theoretical foundations of informatics, highly specialized knowledge of ICT and IS/ICT and principles of their utilization, advanced database, network and multimedia technologies and artificial intelligence. He or she is able to participate on the process of informatization of organizations and independently work in the field of information and communication technologies deployment. Graduates also have sufficient knowledge and skills for effective management of companies specializing in production and services within the tertiary sector of the national economy. They also have sufficient knowledge for an effective management of commercial activities in a company of any specialization.

For this programme, there is recently available a scholarship support from the South-Moravian Center for International Mobility. More information can be found here:

Please, find more detailed information about master study programme System Engineering and Informatics here.


Study programme   duration price per academic year
System Engineering and Informatics master 2 years 65 000 CZK approximately 2 550 EUR