Bachelor's degree

Economics and Management

Graduates will have developed a general overview of Economics and Company Management and also specific managerial and economic competencies to ensure individual activities in the fields of business, production, financing and human resources. Graduates will obtain knowledge of economic theory, management and marketing, finance, accouting and taxation, quantitative methods, IT and communication technologies etc. Graduates will be ready for independent and team work, they will have knowledge of quantitative methods to support their decisions, and basic statistical methods to process economic data, and also skills for effective work using modern program equipment. Graduates will be able to use their knowledge of theory and model applications in the fields of Economics and Management to create solutions to decision making problems and organization of work in companies.

Study programme duration price per academic year
Economics and Management 3 years 65 000 CZK (approximately 2 550 EUR)

Study plan

B-EAMA Economics and Management