Center for sport activities at Mendel University in Brno offers many sport activities and courses for students. Generally they are taught in Czech but also international students can participate.

  • Sport activities: aerobic, indoor cycling, swimming, football, bodyform, basketball, nordic walking, ice hockey, power yoga, badminton etc.
  • Courses: aqua aerobic, kick box, golf, sport shooting, ski course etc.

List of sports

The language of instruction is Czech language. Information on courses is available only in the Czech language.

Students can register for sport activities in the university information system (UIS). Every student can register for 2 sport activities without any fees. There is a fee of 420 CZK for every extra sport!!! Some sport courses are charged. 

Students enrolled for more than 2 sports will receive e-mail with details on payment (available only in Czech language). Payments to Ms. Zuzana Podnecká during office hours at CSA Jana Babáka 1861/5, Brno.


Enrol in UIS

-       choose exact time when you want to participate, only once a week

-       fitness, bodybuilding, cardiofitness and table tennis – can be attended more than once a week

 Sport activities you do not want to participate in MUST be removed from UIS otherwise you will be charged. See IRO for assistance. Later cancellations are not possible.

 Sport activities run from 18.2.2019.