Courses offered in English

Dear exchange students, when you choose courses, please, check the syllabus of the course. Syllabus will open when you click on the name of the course. You should take into consideration, that to be able to follow some courses (especially ICT), you should have certain knowledge of topics that were covered in courses listed in section "Prerequisites".

Academic year 2022/2023

Academic year 2021/2022

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Faculty: Faculty of Business and Economics
Initial period: WS 2021/2022 - FBE
Type of study: Foreign student studies
Programme: Z 99 99 F-EXC Foreign students - exchange programs
Form of study: full-time
Study duration: 1 year

The study plan is further subdivided into study periods - semesters. To accomplish your study plan successfully it is necessary to pass all duties stipulated in the Study and Examination Code.

List of courses taught in English at the FBE - this is the final version of the course catalogue for the academic year 2021/2022.

Courses with the code "EBA-" are typically suitable for incoming students at the bachelor level. Courses with the code "ENA-" are typically suitable for students at the master level.

1st semester WS 2021/2022 - FBE
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of optional courses
EBA-AKDAcademic SkillsPass credit2
ENA-AAAlgebra and its ApplicationsExam4
ENA-APRAndragogy and Profesional DevelopmentExam4
APVAApplication Software ProgrammesExam5
EBA-PEBusiness Economics 1Exam6
ENA-BIDSBusiness Intelligence and Data WarehousesExam6
ENA-VASComputability and ComplexityExam5
PSAComputer Networks IExam6
PS2AComputer Networks IIExam6
DBSADatabase Systems IExam7
EBA-EKMEconometrics 1Exam6
ENA-EKMEconometrics 2Exam6
HEUEconomic Geography and Social Aspects of EU MembershipExam5
EMMAEconomic-mathematical MethodsExam6
EBA-AJ2English Language 2Exam4
EBA-AJ3English Language 3Exam4
EBA-OTEFPEnglish Terminology: Business Economics and FinancePass credit2
EBA-OTEKEnglish Terminology: EconomicsPass credit2
EBA-OTFEnglish Terminology: FinancePass credit2
EBA-OTIIEnglish Terminology: IS/ICTExam3
EBA-OTMEnglish Terminology: MarketingPass credit2
EBA-OTKMEnglish Terminology: Quantitative MethodsPass credit2
EBA-OTSPEnglish Terminology: Social PsychologyPass credit2
EBA-OTDUEnglish Terminology: Taxes and AccountingPass credit2
EBA-OTOEnglish Terminology: TradePass credit2
ENA-EUGGEU and Global GovernanceExam4
EBA-EIGEuropean Integration and GlobalizationExam4
ENA-FMFinancial ManagementExam6
EBA-FTFinancial MarketsExam5
EBN-NJ1German Language 1Pass credit4
EBN-NJ2Gernam Language 2Exam4
ENA-TGGraph TheoryExam5
ENA-RLZHuman Resource ManagementExam4
ENA-MZChange ManagementExam6
ISRAInformation Systems for Decision-makingExam5
ENA-MISInformation Systems ModelingExam5
IISAIntegrated Information SystemsExam5
EBA-ICIntercultural CompetencesExam8
ENA-MUSInternational Accounting StandardsExam6
ENA-MEOPInternational and European Business LawExam4
EKCAInternational Business Culture and CommunicationExam4
MMAInternational MarketingExam4
MZDAInternational TaxationExam4
MOBAInternational TradeExam5
EXA-ZUDIntroduction to Document DesignPass credit4
ENA-LDTLeadership of Diverse TeamsExam6
AGPALocalization ServicesExam5
EBA-MAANMacroeconomic AnalysisExam4
ENA-MVISManagement of IS DevelopmentExam5
EBA-MARMarketing 1Exam6
ENA-MARMarketing 2Exam6
EXA-ADKRMendel English ClubPass credit1
EBA-MIMicroeconomics 1Exam8
ENA-MIMicroeconomics 2Exam6
EBA-MDEMigration, Development and EnvironmentExam6
EBA-MITModern Information TechnologiesExam4
ENA-RKIQuality and Innovation ManagementExam6
ENA-SASocial AnalysisExam4
OSISSpecialized Seminary - Information SystemsPass credit2
ENA-SMAStrategic ManagementExam6
SIASystem EngineeringExam5
EBA-DSTax SystemExam5
TEIATheory of Economic and Monetary IntegrationExam6
TPJATheory of Programming LanguagesExam6
EBA-EKTUTourism EconomicsExam4
ENA-NURUser Interface DesignExam5
2nd semester SS 2021/2022 - FBE
CodeCourse titleMode of completionCredits
 A group of optional courses
EBA-AKPAcademic WritingPass credit2
EXA-PUDAdvanced Document DesignExam6
EBA-BEBioeconomics 1Exam6
ENA-BEBioeconomics 2Exam6
ENA-PEBusiness Economics 2Exam4
EBA-PFBusiness FinanceExam5
ENA-RIPBusiness ICT ManagementExam4
EBA-OP1Business Law 1Exam4
ENA-SRPBusiness Management SeminarPass credit6
MSPABusiness PlanExam4
EBA-SOFCorporate Social ResponsibilityExam4
EBA-PZDData Processing PrinciplesExam4
EBA-BODData Safety and SecurityExam4
EBA-SPRDecision Support SystemsExam6
EBA-HPOEconomic PolicyExam8
EBA-AJ2English Language 2Exam4
EBA-AJ3English Language 3Exam4
EBA-FUFinancial Accounting 1Exam5
EBA-FAFinancial EnglishPass credit3
EBN-NJ1German Language 1Pass credit4
EBN-NJ2Gernam Language 2Exam4
ENA-VEMHistory of Economic ThoughtExam4
IPIAInnovation Course for the IT SpecialistsExam6
EBA-ICCIntercultural CoachingExam8
ENA-SMLInternational Leadership SeminarPass credit6
EXA-ZUDIntroduction to Document DesignPass credit4
EBA-MAMacroeconomics 1Exam8
ENA-MAMacroeconomics 2Exam6
ENA-SUMachine LearningExam5
ENA-MUManagerial AccountingExam4
MPSAManagerial PsychologyExam4
EBA-MKMarketing CommunicationExam8
EXA-ADKRMendel English ClubPass credit1
ANDRAMobile Applications for AndroidExam4
NSAANeural Networks in ApplicationsExam6
OPMAOperations ManagementExam5
ENA-OVOperations ResearchExam6
MISACPortfolio managementExam5
ENA-PMAProject ManagementExam4
ENA-PSHRPsychology and Sociology for HR ManagersExam4
ENA-SPECSocial Law of the EU and CzechiaExam4
ENA-ASSSoftware and Services ArchitecturesExam4
ENA-NSSSoftware and Services DeploymentExam5
TIATheoretical InformaticsExam6
EBA-OOTrade OperationsExam5